Tuesday, September 30, 2014

365 Days with Emmy Lu

Emmy you have been here for a year. You are such a gift, such joy to us. I can't put into words even the slightest glimpse of how I feel. You are my little love bug, my cuddler, my happy little baby. This year with you has been magical. I don't know if it's the fact that we wanted you for so long, or that you are the last baby, but I have enjoyed your babyness so much more than I ever did with your siblings. My heart is aching quite a bit as you transform from a baby to a toddler. 

You are so content. I can get a lot done in the kitchen while you play with toys.

 You are just starting to get into things and cause a bit of chaos. I need to put cabinet locks on one more time.
 For your birthday we decided to have the Simpsons over for a dinner celebration. Everyone was thrilled to celebrate you.
 You liked the cake at first, but didn't want to touch it.
 You slowly got the hang of it and started digging in.

Emmy Lu, I love you so much. Happy Birthday little one.


  1. Happy Birthday, Emmy Lu! She is getting cuter and cuter!!!

  2. Our happy little Emmy...smile away, sweetheart, and girl after my own heart when it comes to chocolate cake :-) We love you to pieces!

  3. Emmy is such a sweetheart. She is changing so much! She looks so different with her front teeth. Happy 1st year Emmy! Miss you!