Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Past Week

Sickness has descended upon the Niphakis house. Nate and Asher started it with fevers and bad colds. Last week Dex got the same thing and Piper decided to up the ante with a double ear infection and pink eye. Ember isn't sick, but we found out she has terrible reflux (without actually spitting up). That has caused her to be super grumpy and congested. She started medicine yesterday, so I'm hoping she will feel (and sleep) better soon. 

The kids missed a lot of school last week. Dexter thought he would feel better if he wore my sweat shirt over his pajamas. 
 In other news, Asher lost his first tooth last night. He was a little disappointed that the tooth fairy only leaves a dollar. He was hoping for some Benjamins.


  1. Wearing mommy's sweatshirt is very key in Dexter's recovery and key in the recovery of all who see him wearing it! And Asher...the long awaited falling out of the tooth. I'm sure I only got a dime when my teeth came out. With a dime I could buy 2 Hershey's chocolate bars, or 2 soda fountain drinks, or 2 bags of M&M's....etc....Maybe I only got a nickle....Oh, and a RingDing, or Scooter Pie....or package of 6 filled cookies....etc. And Ember...little sweetie makes so much sense that she has reflux...that accounts for her always swallowing. I thought it was sinus drainage. Hope the medicine works till she can grow out of it.

  2. First tooth! Wow! At least he's smart enough to believe in the tooth fairy so he cash in (unlike someone else I know!)

    So sorry to hear about Ember, I'll be praying you see results from the medicine. Hope you're able to hang in there!