Sunday, November 10, 2013

Niphakis Ramblings

Nate pointed out the other day that I haven't posted any of the things the kids say in a while. Here are a few highlights.

Anytime Piper wants to tell you a secret she comes up and says "I need to tell you a whisper".

Last week Nate was raking a little and had the kids collect leaves in a bucket. Piper meticulously chose leaves and went around saying "You are a beautiful leaf, you deserve to go in the bucket".

Asher was sneezing a lot last night. When he came downstairs this morning he announced "I was blessyouing all night".

Nate has been doing some mad scientist things in his office. He took apart an old typewriter and is doing some computer programming with it and making all sorts of shapes. Today he and Asher were making some different patterns and I suggested an infinite symbol. Asher chimed in "Is God infinite?" Nate replied "Yes". Asher then said "Wow, God's been growing".


  1. Thanks for sharing the quotes! I like Asher's blessyouings!

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