Monday, July 29, 2013

Fairmount Park

Last week Nate and I dropped the kids off at my parents and spent the week in NYC. Alone. It was so nice to spend time together. We had a great time in the city.

On our drive up we stopped in Philly and got cheeseteaks. All of the kids loved them, and Asher was pretty disappointed you can't get them in NC (as am I). After we ate all that greasy goodness we went to Smith Playground in Fairmount Park. This place is amazing. There is so much to do. It was pretty hot, but the kids still had a blast.
 There was this enclosed slide that had potato sacs to ride down.

 Dexter was a little daredevil as usual.

 Piper climbed right up to the top and Asher spent most of the time spinning it around.
I think stopping in the city for cheesesteaks and park time is going to be an annual event on the way to my parents now.


  1. Sounds like an excellent tradition, to stop for cheese steaks and Fairmount....I liked seeing how Asher and Piper compliment one another (asher pushing the round-about and piper climbing to the top, inside. Being short for her age certainly doesn't stop her from reaching for the heavens! The wooden slide and potato sacks looked awesome, and that round saucer swing they were all on was neat because they were all together. We have a Fairmount here, too, in Red Lion, or is it Fairmont...but it is a kids water park. :-)

  2. My kids LOVED that park! And, they did their fair share of freaking me out by climbing to the top of that spinning cone of death :-/