Sunday, February 10, 2013


Last year Asher got some money for his birthday. When I asked him what he wanted to do with it he replied "I want to go on an airplane". He makes about a thousand totally unrealistic requests a day (when I turn three thousand can I go to the moon?). I am in such a habit of saying no I have to catch myself sometimes. I made a deal with Asher. I told him he would need to save his money and earn a lot more to take a trip with me. Over the next few months he managed to save a total of about $130. He had a very successful lemonade stand (we live in a great neighborhood). Nate agreed that my Christmas gift could be the trip with him.

Last week we hopped on a plane and headed down to Orlando. We stayed at a resort that had a lot of things to do.

 On our first morning we rented bikes and cruised around the place.
 We played mini-golf a couple of times. Asher refuses to hold to club correctly, but he manages to do quite well.

 Shuffle board was a bit harder for him.

On our second day we headed to Magic Kingdom.
 Asher purchased a sword almost immediately and carried it on every ride.

 One of his favorite rides was the car. I hope the way he drove that car isn't telling of his future as a driver.

 Back at the resort he had a blast swimming.

We got to the airport pretty early and ate breakfast there. Looking back the decision to let him have an entire bottle of gatorade wasn't the best idea. 
We had so much fun together. I'm so glad we got to go on a trip just the two of us.


  1. It is so good to see these pictures from Asher's long-awaited trip. He looks so cute in all the pictures. So glad you got to go!

  2. I love these pictures! What a great idea to take him on this trip. I bet he really loved the one-on-one time. :)

  3. Yaaaay Asher...the travelin' man! Looks like it was quite a big deal for him. I wonder if he'll want to save his money again for another trip sometime. ?