Saturday, February 16, 2013


Lately Asher has been talking a lot about volcanos. He really wants to see one erupt. He is also busy planning his next trip. The current plan he has developed is to save money to go to Australia and see volcanos there. I'm guessing it's going to take quite a few lemonade stands for that to happen.

 A few weeks ago we decided to make our own little volcano. I thought it was pretty cool, but they weren't that impressed.

Notice Piper in the princess dress. If we don't have anywhere to go she immediately starts dressing up.


  1. Volcano's....good thing you are his mom and not me....gosh....volcano's are on my short "no-way" list....I feel uncomfortable if I'm in sight of one! So I don't want to dampen Asher's enthusiasm. Nate would understand that. Glad they could enjoy a mini volcano. Maybe there is a Netflix documentary on Volcano's. :-)

  2. Well I hope he doesn't expect me to go with him. Volcanoes are waaaay scary. I must get that from mom!

  3. I like Piper's attire for the volcanic event!! Reminds me a little bit of Piper's aunt!