Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why I've Been Missing

Oh Dexter. You are almost two and while I love you so much it hurts, you are driving me crazy. You are a climber. Dexty you are also so stubborn and motivated to get what you want. When I tell you you can't have a snack you find something to climb up on and open the cabinet doors. And yes, I have found him going to town on the box of cheerios he manages to get out.
 After your snack you push your toy around and throw everything on the counters onto the floor. Sometimes you color on the stuff when you are done.
 You also love climbing into the sink. I have learned not to put any knives in the sink anymore.
These pictures were taken within a five minute span. You can imagine what he does with the rest of his time.


  1. I'm glad to see he is putting his little ball wagon to good use :-) though not with intended activities.....I love his determination, while being glad you are coping with it, and not me. never a dull moment.... no room for napping while he's awake....or reading or anything unless he is well within earshot and eyeglance. and now Nate can appreciate his specific skills while you and Ashmandoo are away. :-)

  2. He's really making good use out of that little cart. What a rascal!