Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jockey's Ridge in the Winter Time

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. It's due to a combination of factors. I've been tutoring a lot more lately and my brain has officially turned into mush as a result of my children.

Last weekend we had some great weather and we heading to the OBX for the day. Jockey's Ridge is the perfect place for them right now, especially Dexter. He is so busy and into everything. A giant sandbox was just what he needed. 
 Asher loved climbing up the dunes over and over. He also enjoyed rolling down and turning into a sand monster.
 Dex is into throwing things. Especially sand.
 Pipes and I sat at the top and had some deep discussions, mainly about her next Birthday party.
 It wasn't that cold, she just felt that the hat completed her outfit.

All these climbing kids had a great day.


  1. Those pictures are super cool. I love how every one of you is in them too!

  2. Pictures speak volumes! UTTER DELIGHT for the kids....even the mommy and the daddy.... the sand was damper and I noticed some puddles at the bottom of the big hill which I've never seen in the summer before.... and the sand prints were more formed...I think Piper didn't want to get sand in her hair! Happiness for everyone, including me, seeing the pictures. thank you so much.