Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zoo Day (minus pictures of the actual zoo)

The kids had off school last week for Veteran's Day, so Leah and I took them up to the zoo. I didn't take many pictures. There were just too many kids to chase and I didn't have the energy. I kept Dexter in the stroller most of the day. When he got too whiny I let him run around for a bit. Piper found this lovely butterfly to sit on. 

Don't let this face fool you. As soon as another kid approached to try to sit down she started screaming like a banshee.


  1. Those pictures are so cute. Piper looks so sweet, but I guess it's good that pictures don't make noise! :)

  2. I like the sight of Asher way in the background...exploring the woods! or undergrowth... God give him a continual love for exploring and discovering. And Piper really is a cutey. sounds like Pipes needs to have princess lessons in grace, and serving others, and perhaps a good study on the Disney princesses good qualities. :-) But how can one resist dressing her up and primping and all...

  3. Those glasses and that smile make Benny Benny look like he's 15! Cradle robber:)