Monday, November 12, 2012

Flight Festival

On Saturday Nate had to work, but luckily I found something to do with the kids. Every year there is a First in Flight Festival at the local airport. This was the first year they went. The kids got to explore all the planes and helicopters. 
 Asher is not so sure he should commit to being a firefighter anymore.
 These are the C130 planes we see all the time.

 In the afternoon the candy bomber came. One of the planes flies over and parachutes candy.

 Both Asher and Piper managed to snag a bar.
It was a really fun day. The kids loved being around all the planes.


  1. What!?!? Candy bomber! Count me in for next year's festival!

  2. What a wonderful day! Like Melody, I wish I was there too!!

  3. Looks like a fun festival! Where are the candy bombers in our area?

  4. I think everyone should recommend this to the local authorities...candy bombers! I can really see Asher in the cockpit of a plane....he's always been so capable with remote control and on the Wii and computer games....and he'd probably have a smile on his face the whole time....except if they had a plane he could run around in and climb in at the same time as flying the thing he'd be even happier! :-)

  5. And was that a picture of Piper standing next to a Piper Cub?