Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reptile Party

Last night I took the kids to an awesome Birthday party. Two people came and talked about reptiles and they did a presentation with lots of creatures. 
 Asher LOVED holding the different snakes. You can imagine what he is asking Santa to bring him now.

This python was huge. It weighed 50 pounds. The kids had a blast and learned a lot about different snakes.


  1. That is so cool! Asher looks so happy. :)

  2. That middle picture of Asher is so classic! I think you need to get him a reptile just to see that face all the time. What did Piper think?

  3. snakes are so silky and smooth! And good to get to know the good snakes from the bad ones. i think you should have a personal hobby zoo! you have a good sized yard, eh? I'm sure Nate would love that!!!! :-0