Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Conversations with Asher

A few days ago while driving to school Asher and I had the following conversation:

Asher: "Mom do you know that God lives next to my school?"

I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about so I replied "Yea.... God is everywhere".

Asher: "No Mom, he lives next to my school, it's his house".

I slowly started to understand what was happening. They have chapel time once a week, where they go next door to the sanctuary. I'm guessing someone referred to it as God's house.

I spent the next few minutes fumbling with an explanation about how some people call church God's house, because that's where we worship him. He didn't buy it.

Asher: "Mom, God lives there, it's his house. He sleeps there too."


  1. Oh Ashbadash!!!! Wait till you really know Him personally. I wonder what Asher's concept of God is. I remember as a young high schooler going into our sanctuary alone and it was all dark except for the lights on the stained glass window of Jesus holding a lamb (I think) and sitting there feeling very overwhelmed knowing that God was there, but not really knowing Him. But as a 5 yr old my concept of God was wrapped up in what I learned from songs and sunday school and especially at Christmas and Easter and how these things sort of got wrapped up with punishment for bad behavior at home and what was good and bad.

  2. haha! nice. Asher is so great. I miss him.

  3. Asher's comments ablsolutely made my day. I love the way he thinks! I love how he takes things at face value. No wonder Jesus didn't want the disciples to turn children away!! Thank you for sharing your world with us, Ally. It means so much to me.