Monday, July 23, 2012

Something close to my heart

A while back my friend Kim started posting about their journey towards foster care and she also started talking a lot about different adoption stories. I started reading through different stories and it broke my heart. I spent hours reading through them and sobbing. I knew I had to do something. I started talking with someone at the organization Reece's Rainbow and she recommended I become an orphan warrior. This meant I would pick a child through their agency and advocate for him or her. I picked Nicky Z. He is a little boy with Down Syndrome who is in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. When I first started raising money for him he didn't have anyone who was interested in adopting him. I started raising money for him through different fund raisers. Last month I found out that a family has spoken for him. The Rogerson family is going to adopt sweet Nicky! I can't even tell you who excited I was when I read those words. They still need about 6k towards his adoption costs (the original total was 24k). Nicky needs to get home quickly. He is living in horrible conditions and he needs his Mom and Dad. The Rogerson's have three kids already and Nicky will be the sixth member of their family. I'm asking if everyone can give six dollars today. Here is their website. Please help me get Nicky home!

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  1. Thank you, A, for your servant heart and advocacy. You are storing treasure BIG TIME and this process is so much more joyful with you in it. Psalm 25. So much love to you --