Friday, July 13, 2012


I'll warn you, this post may contain information unsuitable for young children. Piper may also not be so happy with me when she learns how to read.

For some reason over this last week Piper has become a little obsessed with breasts (or boobs as she calls them). She is constantly asking when she will get them. The other day she woke me up in the morning by saying "Mommy when I grow up I want big boobs. I want to be a princess with big boobs".

This is the breakfast conversation at our house today:

Piper- "Daddy where are your boobs?"
Nate- "Piper boys don't have boobs"
Piper-"Yes you do. You have little boobs just like me". She then proceeded to lift up her shirt to show everyone. "See I have little boobs, so does Asher".
Asher- "No I don't, I just have nickels".


  1. Oh Pipes!!!!! I like you just the way you are!
    Asher certainly asserts himself and makes sure every one KNOWS that he knows what life is all about. Nate was very self assured when he was Asher's age and made sure everyone knew what he knew....teaching us, so to speak. I guess Asher could tell us a thing or two about nickles. :-)

  2. ally. hilarious. we were in target yesterday and middle girl said to big sister: "drink my milk from my boobies! they will flop, flop, flop." OH LAWD. what have i done? all while lifting her shirt.