Thursday, July 26, 2012


A few weeks ago we went to Nashville for vacation. We stayed with some of my family. Of course we picked the hottest week to go (I think the coolest day we were there was 101). On our first morning we went to the Opryland Hotel. This is by fat the coolest hotel I have ever visited. There is a huge river that runs through it (you can actually go on a boat ride). Amazing gardens grow throughout the main parts of the hotel.
 Piper just wanted to touch the "pretty skirt".

 I love all the waterfalls.

 Piper loved seeing all the flowers. We had to stay on top of her so she wouldn't pick them all.


  1. Ally, the pictures are great. The one with you and Dexter is precious! Yes, I agree it's an amazing hotel!

  2. gramma writing from Easten's computer....i love the picture of you and look like such a great couple... i love you two...and i adore your three little munchkins.