Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Juno and her babies

Asher and Piper have asked for cats for a long time. We decided to get two kittens for them a few weeks ago. They go by Jack Bauer and Beatrix Kiddo (the first person to tell me where we got both names from gets a cookie...but you have to come and visit to get it). I was curious at first to see how Juno would respond to these little guys. She had never been around cats before. 

She is in love. They all cuddle up together. Juno treats them as if they are her babies. I die a few times a day from the cuteness of it. 


  1. This is just too precious for words.....how happy for Juno to have friends...and for the kitties to have a furry friend, too....it'll be a hoot when the kittens get bigger than Juno!!!! :-)
    Jack Bauer from 24....Beatrix Kiddo from cartoon.
    (just guessing on that one)

  2. Hah! not from a cartoon....from Kill Bill....I had to look it up...would never have guessed. If you have a female kitty I guess she has to have the most gritty name for outer strength while she is still so small!

  3. I am SOOO happy for Junie girl! I always knew she would make a great mother. :)