Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Building a better brain

Asher and Piper's relationship is complex. They fight a lot. Asher loves to annoy her. He growls at her, and chases her. He takes her toys and teases her. At just about the time I think they will kill each other they have one of these moments. I will catch them playing together nicely without me prompting them. 
 They wanted to share a seat and color together.
 I guess I'll keep them for a little bit longer.
 I now refer to this one as Dex the Destroyer. He lives up to his new name.
Asher loves to ask me what activities are going to help him have a better brain. Puzzles are on that list and he is really into them lately. We have two bigs ones (this one and a space one) that he loves to do on his own. He is currently saving his money to get the underwater one.

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  1. Oh my sweet kiddies! I love them so! Hahaha, Dex the Destroyer but he chose well, dominoes! I'm sure they feel really good in his mouth, all cool and smooth! Asher is doing really well with the puzzles. I'm so glad he likes them and soon you'll have even more room for him to make them! I have no words of wisdom to offer regarding little brother/sister relationships....we had Nate and then Micah...two awesome boys who loved boy things. But it was sweet seeing Asher and Piper coloring together. My sweet kiddies!