Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve

 It was fun being in York for Christmas Eve. We went to the Christmas Eve service at our old church. That place has such good memories for me. It's where I met Nate. We still have a lot of great friends there and got to spend time with them.
 Asher refused to smile and insisted on making his fish face.

Dexter spent the trip working on his first two teeth and then getting an ear infection. The plus side was he was always up for cuddling. He loved hanging out with Grandpa.

We are back now and working on unpacking and cleaning up the house. Our New Years Eve involves pizza, a kids movie, and going to bed early!


  1. I love Asher's fish face! And Dexter looks like such a big boy...

  2. At least Asher's and Piper's clothes matched, even if their facial expressions didn't... :-)
    and we all think Dexter needs alot more cuddling up here so you should send him right away! :-) and also Piper and Asher.