Thursday, December 8, 2011


The conversations I have with Asher and Piper constantly amuse me. Here are a few examples.

This morning while I was getting Piper dressed:

Me: Piper you are sassy.
Piper: Not sossy, cute
Me: You are right Piper, you are cute
Piper: Not cute, Poper es pretty

Yesterday I was giving Dexter some puffs and Asher took some. I told him not to eat them, they are baby food.

Asher: Mommy will the puffs make me big or little (he is always asking him what foods will make him big and strong)
Me: They will make you little
Asher: (getting a little concerned) Am I still four, or did they make me little?
Me: They made you turn three again
Asher: I DON'T WANT TO BE THREEEEEE (now he is crying)
Me: Asher don't worry, you are still four. Food can't make you little again.
Asher: Ok, (pauses for 30 seconds) can I be 28?