Monday, November 28, 2011

Wobble Gobble

 On Saturday we went downtown for the Wobble Gobble. It's an annual family one mile run that benefits kids who suffered child abuse.
 Piper warming up before the big race.

 Asher ran the entire thing and really loved it. He wants to do more races. Dex slept the entire time, and Piper ran about ten feet before she insisted on being carried the rest of the way. The kids all got medals when they crossed the finish line.


  1. Oh my adorable kiddies.... Hmmmm....running for Asher might eventually turn into other races and Marathons....seeings how he loved it! And what a beautiful day you had....just cool enough to get worked up about! Look at little Dex there and Pipes....yikes....come quickly Christmas holidays!

  2. Great pictures! I miss my niblings soooo much! and I sort of miss you and Nate...sort of.