Thursday, November 17, 2011

Morning Mayhem

 Most mornings tend to be a bit crazy in our house. The kids are all up before 7, but I still have a lot to do in order to be out of the house by 8:40. Asher usually gets up and dresses himself. Unfortunately, he usually picks things that either don't match or are not appropriate for school so there is usually a round 2 of getting dressed for him. I also have to nurse Dex and then an hour later feed him cereal. Getting Piper to eat a yogurt takes at least 20 minutes, and forget getting her to eat anything else. I have to get her dressed and do her hair. Dexter also has to be dressed. I have to pack up snacks for school, find sippy cups, shoes, and my keys. The kids don't share my enthusiasm for always being on time, so they usually come up with other things to do in the morning. Asher loves to build block towers.
 Dexter was not happy about the delay on breakfast that morning.
 Piper likes to sit on the couch, with a sippy cup of milk and a stuffed animal on her lap.
She believes she is the one who keeps this house running.


  1. my kiddies are getting so grown up looking! You think you're busy now...wait till #4 :-)
    But your lifestyle does emphasis the need for sanity breaks.... even going to the store alone is a sanity break...God grant these opportunities so mommy can stay sane and firm and gentle all at the same time. :-)