Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All by myself

 As many of you know Nate and I are trying to get the house ready to rent out and buy a new one. I hope that all of this can take place in the spring. We have a lot to do in order for this to happen. It's very hard to get the big projects done with the kids around. On Sunday Nate wanted to work on some things, so I took all the kids up to Virginia. We went to the zoo and the mall. I was surprised by how much fun I had and how I wasn't completely stressed the entire time.
The nice thing about having a zoo membership is I don't feel like only spending an hour at the zoo is a waste. The kids told me the animals they wanted to see, so we went to those first. The giant lizards are always a big hit. Piper's favorite is the elephant. Asher was super excited that once again we caught the elephant pooping. 

 There is a train ride that takes you around the zoo. We stopped to have snacks and then rode on it.
I love these kids to pieces.


  1. Elephants? Good choice, Piper! Lizards? Good choice, Asher! I love the picture of Asher with his arm around Piper :-) and zoos are awesome in any dose... I wonder how the regular exposure will influence the's fun that they have their favorites.

  2. That picture of Asher and Piper is sooo cute!