Thursday, October 6, 2011

Turtle Love Nest

 For a while I thought we only had female turtles. Apparently I was wrong. Four little babies hatched in the last three weeks. They are so stinking cute. When the first two hatched we named them Itty and Bitty. Two more came along after that, and we haven't named them yet. We also don't know how to tell them apart.
I am now responsible for taking care of 1 husband, 3 children, 1 dog, and 8 turtles.


  1. They are sooooooo tiny!!!! Aawwwww!
    But as I saw Juno in the doorway there I had a moment of fear for those babies, remembering those poor little chicks! How can they be so tiny and grow soooo big eventually which makes me wonder just how old your mommy and daddy turtles are!