Friday, October 21, 2011

Fire Pit

A hard part about living away from family is that it's sometimes hard to find someone to watch your kids. It's even harder to say go away for an entire weekend. Last year we started trading off with Dave and Leah for weekends away. We watched their kids last weekend. It was kinda crazy (especially since all the kids minus Dex slept in one room) but the kids had a blast. At the end of the weekend Asher was crying about them going home. He kept saying "I want them to stay for ten weeks". The thing is, I can totally relate to that. I remember being younger and having friends I never got tired of being around. I'm so glad Asher and Piper have those kinds of friendships already. 

 On Sunday night we got the fire pit out. We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. The kids love being outside when it's dark and getting to roast food made it even better.

 I love Bennett's eyes in this picture. It was really dark and the flash was a bit much.
 Dexter just chilled in the bumbo seat. He was entertained watching the craziness of the other kids.
Piper decided she needed to hold onto the giant duck while she ate. 

We are on vacation now. We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC this evening. We went for a night walk on the beach and it was amazing. The water is still really warm here. I'll try to keep updating throughout the next two weeks. 


  1. Looks like fun! Can't you relate to wanting to have four kids in one bedroom for ten weeks? Come on, Mom:)

  2. Yummy hot dogs over a fire and s' glad the kids can have fun like this and that you sacrifice to go out of your way to give them enjoyable things to do. Looks like it was a bit chilly that day!