Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 The resort we are at is pretty spectacular. When you go in the front gate it is a ten minute drive to get to our place. I have never been on a resort this huge before. They had a crib and a high chair set up for us here.

 There is a little screened in porch off of the dining area. The weather is so great here. It's been in the mid 80's. It is definitely having me rethink the whole living in florida thing.

Piper has been sleeping in a bed for the first time. She has done surprisingly well. I guess we will have to move her into a big girl bed when we get back home.


  1. gosh and golly and gee whiz! Why go to Disney? That place you are staying in looks like fun all on its own! Glad I'm not there because I'd start nesting! Awesome about Piper in a bed! Wow! She really is getting to be a big little girl! And I wish I was there to play with my kiddies! :-) Enjoy yourselves to the max.

  2. So glad the weather is terrific. The place your staying at looks beautiful!

  3. Wow, what a place! I am so glad you guys are enjoying your trip :) Can't wait to see the pictures from Disney.

  4. 1. Don't you DARE move to Florida!! If I have to, I'll go down there and drag you up to PA myself!
    2. That resort is incredible!! It's so convenient that they would include a crib and high chair. how thoughtful :)