Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day

I decided it would be fun to get into St. Patrick's Day this year. Asher had school in the morning and made some really cute crafts. We hung them on the door, and he got a kick out of seeing them there.
For some reason O'Niphakis just doesn't have a good ring to it.
Asher has been picking "flowers" a lot for me lately. He snuck outside this afternoon to get me some fresh ones.
I made Irish food for dinner. Both my little Leprechauns enjoyed the shortbread cookies. I put green food coloring in them and drizzled chocolate on top.
For Nate I made corned beef and cabbage with veggies. I also made some beer bread to go with the meal. He loved it and was the only one of us to actually eat it.
I started a tradition a while ago to buy him some new briefs for every holiday. I wrapped them up and Asher handed the package to him while saying "Daddy it's underpants".


  1. mmm....corn beef and cabbage! YUM!

    Love the holiday undie tradition!

  2. my comments:
    aaawwwww, Asher brings you flowers!
    Poor Nate to get themed undies! But at least they put a smile on your face!
    yummmy, corned beef and cabbage....looks nicely displayed, too! And leftovers! Growing up we used to have it alot, but since having a family we stopped, especially since we were in Thailand and in Montreal it is not common.

  3. If only I could get Micah to hold up his undies for a picture...

  4. haha! Maybe I would have kept my last name if it had been O'Niphakis!

  5. You have to share your beer bread recipe! I think Heath would love it.