Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So tired

I don't have much energy these days. In fact I don't even have the energy it takes to get the camera and take some pictures of the kids. I have 3 weeks left in this pregnancy and am very excited that the end is almost here.

If any of you have ever spent any time with Asher you know that this kid is obsessed with cars. He is also already a backseat driver. He really pays attention when I am driving. He knows how to get to most places: school, church, the Y, and most of his friends' houses. Lately he has developed a fascination with Mustangs. He can point them out and is constantly looking for them. He's already talking about driving one when he turns 16.

Piper is following her brother's example when it comes to electronics. Asher knows how to turn on the TV and get to Netflix. He chooses his own movies all the time. Last night Piper turned it on and started browsing the movie choices. Asher usually chooses Kipper or Diego. Piper turned on Drop Dead Diva. Both of these kiddos keep up constantly entertained.


  1. gosh...if they know how to use netflix, just put some food and water in bowls, and you can go off and do whatever you want! don't forget the shocker collars for when they go out of bounds!
    seriously though, I hope you feel better soon! I'm excited to hear all about my new niece or nephew!

  2. Asher and his cars! He is such a Niphakis! Like his daddy, like his uncle Micah when Uncle Micah was young, like his grampa, like his great uncles George and Greg and probably Ari...maybe there is some Patton in there, too, though I never saw that side of the Patton family.

  3. Your almost there!!!! I love your babies so much each and every one :)