Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Petting Zoo

After I picked the guys up from the park on Saturday we went to a Birthday party at the hunt club farm. There is a petting zoo there that is awesome. The animals are all really friendly and the kids had such a fun time.
Piper fell in love with the goats. I've been trying to convince Nate to let me get a goat in our backyard for the last few years. Maybe if Piper starts asking he'll change his mind.

They were so cute and loved to be petted, and in this case hugged.


  1. She really does love that goat! SO cute!

  2. Piper is so cute with the goats! I can see some of those pictures with her turned into a Melody Marin original...

  3. A living stuffed toy for Piper! If you did get a goat you'd have to really have a secure pen....they eat everything...but the pygmy goats are sooooo cute. And I'm surprised the chickens were so nice....that one with Asher is a beaut.

  4. Goats are awesome! As are Piper's pigtails!

  5. petting zoos are the best, just have to check your shoes after!

    We had goats when I was little, I LOVED THEM!! Tell nate he won't have to mow!!