Friday, January 22, 2010


One of the biggest changes in the last year with Asher is his interaction with friends. I remember learning in college about how young toddlers do parallel play, meaning they play at the same time, but aren't really interacting with each other. Asher is just beginning to really play with his friends. For some reason the dog crate is what all the kids play in when they come over. Piper on the other hand has befriended her feet. She loves to talk to them and put them in her mouth. She also tries to eat them as a distraction form eating her veggies.


  1. I love her little smile!! And your sarcastic comments always crack me up! (I read at least twice a week:) -Natalie

  2. I think you should put her veggies on her feet. Also, maybe Asher thinks his friends are other doggies and thus the very appropriate cage play.... :-) Nah! Asher does not think he's a dog...maybe a truck driver or mechanic... Mum