Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know this post is a little late. I could give you wonderful excuses about how hectic life it, but it's mostly due to laziness. We have been busy since getting back a few weeks ago. Asher started potty training. Instead of cleaning up poopy diapers on a regular basis I am now cleaning up a poopy floor on a regular basis. Piper is eating solids now. She is quite a champ at it. She is seven months now and is perfecting the army crawl (if you would like details about her first crawling adventure feel free to contact me, I'll give you a hint it involves the pooping incident mentioned previously). We spent Christmas day at my parents in PA. As soon as Asher saw the balloons in his stocking he had no desire for anything else.
Four generations of women!

Asher did not agree when I told Mum Mum that batteries were a good stocking stuffer.

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