Monday, November 3, 2014


When I was a kid my mom always made our Halloween costumes. She was fantastic at it. I would come up with a random idea (always involving a box) and she would make it. I think the best ones were a camera, and a refrigerator. I really enjoy making things. I love sewing and knitting, so you would think I would be all over making cute costumes for the kids. I'm not. I just don't have it in me to make their costumes. Dexter and Ember get whatever hand-me-downs they currently fit from the big kids. Piper usually raids her princess stash, and Asher is the only one I usually buy for. I also don't go on any of their field trips. I happily volunteer in their classes once or twice a week, but I don't do the pumpkin patches or the zoo. Now you have my confession for the week.

Emmy Lu got to be the ladybug this year. 

 I love seeing her walk. She is in the drunken sailor stage, and it's just so cute.
 I convinced Dex to be the chicken again. Come on. It's just so cute.
 Asher is definitely past the cute costume stage. At least he dresses up, in a few years he'll be like all the teenagers and just go around in scruffy jeans holding a pillow case. 
 Piper, I'm so glad you are still in the princess stage. I'm not ready for what is next. 
 These kids did really well. We started the night at a party and then went trick-or-treating. The kids were really polite and all had a good time. 

Now I have to figure out a way to not eat all the candy. 


  1. You can send the candy here and I'll not eat it for you :-) .......the kids are so cute in their cozzy's.....

  2. Ally, they all look soooo cute. Asher makes a great Batman. It's definitely the kids that make the costume! I love that little ladybug!