Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Last weekend we had our third annual Easter Egg hunt. In the past years a lot of people I invited weren't able to come due to traveling or other plans. For some reason this year every person I invited said they were coming. In the days leading up to the hunt I started panicking. We had over 50 people coming. I had visions of not having enough eggs (I had 400) or starting the hunt and then people coming late and some kids missing everything. Poor Nate spent a good five days listening to me worry. This usually happens before every event I host. It turned out really well. The weather was awesome and all the kids had fun.
Dex spent most of the day sleeping. He also wasn't impressed with his outfit. I thought putting chicks on him would make him feel a little festive, but once again I have a child who doesn't care about the clothes I pick out.
I set up a bubble table to give the kids something to do before and after the egg hunt. It turned out to be a great idea.
Asher informed me that his bucket was not a hat and I had to take it off my head.

Here is a shot of the beginning of the egg hunt.

Asher only got 5 eggs, because he insisted on only looking for the blue ones. He also wanted to open each one when he found it.


  1. Piper looks so mature with her ponytails...Asher is SO Asher, wanting only the blue eggs, and Dexter is looking like a mixture of Asher and Piper! Thanks so much for sharing these pix. I LOVE them! Mum

  2. I just laughed OUT LOUD at that picture of Asher and Piper sitting next to each other at the bubble table. Their faces!

  3. The blue eggs only? haha one day he'll change his mind.

  4. What a blast I had being with you that day! The weather was so perfect. It was fun seeing everyone enjoy themselves. You hid your anxiety well! Love ya. Mom