Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day

This has been a crazy December in NC. We usually have really nice weather, but the last two weeks have been freezing and today we got some snow. My little southern boy is actually a northern boy at heart. He would much rather get bundled up and play in the snow then go to the beach.
Piper isn't a huge fan of anything cold, but she does like the cold weather accessories.


  1. / got more snow than we did!!!! We just got a dusting of snow that actually stayed on the street because of the cold. That little red truck I got for a dollar at a yard sale has really done well for Asher!!!
    See you all tonight!!!!

  2. Did you make that hat for Piper? It's so cute! Has Asher changed his mind about the cold? I seem to remember him not being too happy about being outside in Minnesota, but maybe that's because it was so ridiculously cold the week you guys came- go figure...