Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gobble Gobble

I know I am late in posting about Thanksgiving. My class ends in a week and hopefully I'll post more frequently when it is finished. We had a really good Thanksgiving. We travel up to PA for some holidays, but this is one that we do at home with friends. It was a really warm day which the kids loved. We had breakfast at our house with some friends and went to another friends for dinner.
It is next to impossible to get a good shot of these two together. I'm not even going to try when the next one comes.
Piper didn't care about the food, she was just happy she got a new dress.
All the kids sat at one table to eat. Asher had a cracker and about 17 cookies. He had such a fun time running around with all the kids. And they were literally running around the entire time.

We are so grateful for the friends we have made down here. They truly have become our family.


  1. I'm happy, too, you have family wherever you go. Ally, you are a good friend to others.
    Piper's dress is adorable!!!!

  2. asher looks so cute sitting there. wish he was here sitting with me!