Monday, May 31, 2010


Lilies have always been my favorite flower. The first year we lived here I planted some dark red lilies. Every year more and more came up. Last spring when they sprouted I was very excited to see that some had cross pollinated. I was teaching biology last year and we were learning all about recessive and dominant genes in plants. It's hard to tell just by looking at a plant what type of gene it has. When these plants came up I was able to tell that the dark red was the recessive gene and the orange was dominant. The color on the inside represents the recessive gene when two colors cross pollinate. Asher enjoys smelling the flowers.


  1. Well, I'm still young enough to learn something new...I had no idea about the recessive genes in flowers...and the dominant. Very cool, indeed! Mum

  2. Nice flowers! I definitely don't have a gift for growing things!