Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Missing keys

A few days ago I couldn't find my keys. I didn't say I lost them, because I knew exactly who took them. I checked all of Asher's usual hiding places. They weren't under the couch or in his plane, or bus, or backpack. I figured they must have been in his room. I told Nate I would rather borrow his keys then look through Asher's room. Let's just say he has his own system for organization. Late Sunday night I went to return a video. While I was gone Nate observed Asher taking a big plate from dinner and sliding it under one of the couch cushions. Nate being the smart guy that he is went over to investigate. Upon lifting up the cushion he found the plate, my keys and a whole lot of toys. Case closed


  1. That is so funny! What a little sneak!

  2. I hope Asher didn't discover that someone knew about his hiding place or he'll have to find another one!!!! I love how kids minds work. Mum