Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am back from my cruise! It was a great time, and I got some much needed sun and relaxation. The relaxation part did not include the plane trip down to Florida. I arrived at the airport Friday morning a little after 4 AM. Basically that adventure consisted of my flight being cancelled, running through the airport to make another flight, being given the wrong ticket onto my connecting flight, crying, begging, having a pilot fly back and forth between two airports before he decided which one to land at, and a bunch of angry people. The first day we were in Atlantis. It was a blast (other than the part where I ignored the hot sun, didn't put any lotion on, and not am quite burned). The kids did great with Nate. This is when I won ten dollars doing the slots for the first time!


  1. Err. Traveling is so stressful! I'm glad you had fun on your cruise! :)

  2. With all the stress of the flight adventure isn't it providential that you were alone and didn't have the kids with you! Wow! I would have cried, too! So glad you could let down once you were on the ship.