Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Asher's favorite thing is a balloon. He has a radar for them. Every time we go by a car dealership he screams out balloonies. One of our neighbors works at a grocery store and always gives him a balloon when we come in. Yesterday she brought over some left over Valentine balloons. Piper wanted to eat some of the fancy ones. Asher also thought it would be amusing for Juno to wear one as well.


  1. Asher's with balloons like I am with birds.
    Whenever I see a bird it lights up my heart.
    I smile inside all over... Asher is like that, too. Mum

  2. oooo, they are big! Have fun with em little guy.

  3. You'd better keep an eye on him. It looks like he could float away!

  4. Nana says: Loved the pictures and your stories. We are packing to leaave Monday on our cruise. I can't believe at 91 I am really going on a cruise--my first!! I am concerned when you tell everyone on this web site that Nate is away and you are alone. Maybe some not nice people read it and you could be in danger. I live you. I miss you. Love, Nana