Wednesday, April 22, 2015

San Francisco

A few years ago when Asher was little we decided that when the kids turned five I would take them on a trip. This past week Piper and I went to San Francisco. Some of our closest friends moved there last summer, and we stayed with them. The trip was just amazing. I loved spending so much time with just Piper. She is so kind, and fun to be with. Focusing on only her was very special. 

As soon as we landed last Thursday we headed straight for the beach. There is no place either of us would rather be than laying in the sun listening to the waves crash. It was the first time either of us encountered the mighty Pacific.  

 We picked up the girls from school and went on an awesome hike. They were very happy to be reunited.

 The views at the top of the mountain were incredible. We were able to see all of the Bay area.
 Both of these girls have huge imaginations and put them to use. They found a dead flower and made a memorial for it.
 I love visiting new places and seeing different types of horticulture.
 Be prepared for blogging overload this week, I have a lot of pictures.

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