Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

For the last few weeks there has been a countdown in our house to Halloween. Asher got to wear his costume to school and the other kids were in theirs most of the day as well. Chick-Fil-A was giving out free meals to kids in costume today so Piper and Dexter hit that up after school (I am all about anything free). 

After dinner we put this little cow out to pasture. 

 I was feeling a bit sad that there will be no more Niphakis kids to wear this costume.
 Have you ever seen a cuter chicken? He went around all day saying "Bok Bok". It almost made up for the fact that he hasn't napped in days.
 Little Rapunzel wouldn't stop twirling long enough to get a proper picture.
 Batman is pretty cool on his own, but even better with a sword.
 I give you one tired little chicken.
Trick-or-Treating was a lot of fun with the kids. I had to laugh at all the people who asked "Are they all yours?"

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  1. Great pictures! I love that little cow of yours! :-) and the chicken, oh my golly! So huggable.... and Asher must have thrilled being the dark knight. If I was there I could have had a noodle sword fight with him....and Princess Piper... her aura just screams, "Carry me like a princess" :-) So glad you all had fun....So glad they are ALL yours.