Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 So Dex here is a hungry guy. He eats a lot. He's not picky as long as there is enough to satisfy his enormous appetite.
 Nate made chocolate chip pancakes over the weekend. Dexter was very pleased.
 Piper isn't really a big fan of food in general. Her thing is clothes and shoes. Her current hobby is matching her outfits with a headband (she also needs pigtails still).
How can you resist this face?


  1. How can you resist any of those cutie pies! I wonder when we'll ever see Dex with a food-free face! Actually with his lower face plastered with food it makes his cute eyes even more visible and pronounced. Piper seems destined for a life with multiple closets for matching o my o my! How's my Asher? I miss him!

  2. are you giving pancake face up for adoption? if so, i know a great couple in York, PA who would love to have him! also, tell piper i want her outfit when she grows out of it!