Monday, January 24, 2011


Eating for me has been different in every pregnancy. With Asher I could only eat one food at a time. For about two weeks I craved mozzarella sticks and that was all I ate. I went through a lot of foods like that: pizza, rice-a-roni, hamburgers. It was similar with Piper. For a long time I craved cheetos and milk and literally ate that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for about a month. This pregnancy hasn't been as extreme. Most of the time I just struggle with finding something appealing. A few weeks ago Nate and I were watching a show and the characters were eating fried chicken. Immediately I thought I have to eat that right now. We decided to make it ourselves and it was awesome. I also made coleslaw and biscuits.
Asher was a pretty big fan as well.


  1. Now you are making me hungry for fried chicken and cole slaw...but not the biscuits.
    ooooo... I made cinnamon biscuits with the tubes of crescent rolls, buttered the triangles and sprinkled cinnamon powder and sugar then rolled them up crescent style...baked for 13 minutes and then drizzled a mixture of icing sugar, vanilla, soft butter and milk over them....delicious!

  2. wow! looks amazing! I could go for some fried chicken!